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Dario Et La Diablesse

A Part of The 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival

Short Synopsis:
Dario’s soul was promised to the Devil in exchange for riches even before he was born But... He was adopted by a superstitious Ma Theresa who ensured that he was protected even before he was born...Therefore... The devil no longer has access to Dario’s soul... Until... Dario falls hopelessly & helplessly in love with la Diablesse! That is...Unbeknownst to him, one of the devil’s servants. La Diablesse...surprisingly going against her nature, loves him too And... Will do anything to make him her “soul” mate. This is a Caribbean Tale during the pre-independence era where the influence of mythical creatures are strong. (Format: Play - Musical)

Music By: Darryl Joseph-Dennie ; Book & Lyrics by: Sasky Louison
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GRIOT: storyteller. Afro-Caribbean. (any age, any sex,)
LA DIABLESSE: Beautiful, mysterious, 16-25, Afro-Caribbean. (Female -Soprano)
DARIO: Teen (17 – 25), Strong voice, Afro-Caribbean, passionate, innocent, kind (MALE - Tenor)
MELISSA: Teen (16 – 25) Friend to la Diablesse, any race, party girl (Female -Soprano / Alto)
KRYSTAL: (16 – 25) Friend to la Diablesse, any race, (Female -Soprano / Alto)
GOD: Commanding voice, any sex.
MOM: (30 -40) Afro-Caribbean, no nonsense
DEVIL: Think Batman Joker Type. Flamboyant, funny (,ale or Female - Baritone / Tenor/Soprano/Alto)
RON:( Mid 20’s early 30s). Black, Afro-Caribbean, Cool dude (Male -Baritone)
SHEILA: (mID 20'S early 35) Afro Caribbean, Funny, bubbly, (Female -Soprano /Alto)
MA THERESA: (40+) Grandmother, no nonsense type. Spiritual, Superstitious.

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