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Looking for Montreal Based actor for Project Title 'Dinner With Mom'

Isabel ( Age Range 50-60)

Details Kevin and his new wife invite Kevin's mother Isabel for dinner. Isabel flies into town to welcome her new daughter-in-law in the hope of hearing news of a future grandchild. During dinner, the tables have been turned. Isabel begins to lose her place in her kingdom. Production Type Film (Short) Status
Kevin Age Range ( mid '30-'40s)

Description: Mother to Kevin. The Queen bee. Strong-willed. Possible grandmother. Strong demanding personality. She is the one in charge of the nest. IDEALLY LOOKING FOR STRONG ETHNIC BACKGROUND ACTORS

Story: Isabel flies in to see her new daughter-in-law and hopefully to hear about the news of a future grandson. But the tables have turned and Isabel's power ways are at a loss.

Pay $100 Per Day

If interested, email me @ for a Zoom audition.

Posted by: Sidrahlaldin Production
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