Audition, Industry Listing.

Deadline: Sunday April 21, 2019 at midnight

Dates of Workshop: May 29 – June 2, 2019

Audition Date: Monday April 29, 2019
Auditions will be held in Toronto, Ontario.
In attendance: Director, Indrit Kasapi; Dramaturge, Marjorie Chan; Playwright, Raf Antonio; Dramaturgy Intern, Keshia Palm

Deadline to submit: Sunday April 21, 2019 at midnight
Email applications to:
Contact name: Indrit Kasapi, Associate Artistic Producer
Contact phone: 416-203-9000
Engager website:

Cahoots Theatre believes in equal opportunities and welcomes submissions from all performers regardless of gender, age, cultural background, sexuality, physical and mental ability, artistic discipline and experience.

Cahoots Theatre is auditioning for a 4-day workshop in May/June 2019 of THE EFFEMINATES: A QUEER TALE OF BLOODY VENGEANCE, a new play by Raf Antonio.

SYNOPSIS: This brand new play by award winning Latinx writer RAF ANTONIO is set somewhere in the present future and tells the story of a group of fabulous warriors who use their femme superpowers to take vengeance against the oppressive powers that be. This late night fantasia is a high heeled, hairy legged, fish netted response to the violence against the queer community of colour and also a provocation, challenging us to do more.

The Characters: THE EFFEMINATES are a group of 8 Trans, Non-binary, Latinx, Indigenous, Black and other POC warriors that range in age from early 20s to mid-late 30s. They all use vogue and ballroom movement to fight the oppressive powers that be.

Additional Information

Please submit a headshot and resumé electronically to: Deadline: Sunday April 21, 2019 at midnight.

Please note in your submission any experience with dance (especially vogue, ballroom, funk, hip hop, jazz)

Only those granted an in-person audition will be contacted. The audition will consist of a dance call as well as scene work. Sides to be prepared for the audition will be forwarded at that time.

Equity members will be seen first. Equity members cast in this workshop production will be engaged under an Equity form of contract. CAEA members: please bring your membership card to the audition.

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