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Type of Audition: By appointment

Title of Production: The Ends of the Earth
Playwright: Morris Panych
Director: Cedric Martin
Eligibility: Non-union
Payment: Profit-sharing

Where will it be rehearsed: East York, Ontario
Performed: Alumnae Studio Theatre
Producing Company: Don’t Look Down Theatre Company

Casting Requirements:

  • Walker: Age 22-40. A paranoid man, since being struck with lighting at age 3. Tries to flee from Frank. Note: This actor will also play Reggie, an apartment dweller. Male-identifying actor.
  • Willy: Versatile acting age. A woman with conceptual problems. Note: This actor will also play Libby, Astrid, and Millie. Female-identifying actor.
  • Alice: Versatile Acting Age. Willy’s blind companion. Note: This actor will also play June, Mag, and Mona. Female-identifying actor.
  • Finn: Versatile Acting Age. Editor of The Free Advertiser Weekly and Frank’s Boss. Note: This actor will also play Homeowner, Clayton, Jack, Lawrence, Sergio, Eduardo, Lewis and Ferryman. Open casting
  • Note: The role of Frank has already been cast.

Type of Audition: By appointment

How to Book an Appointment or Submit a Resume: Please email to arrange an audition, submit your resume/headshot.

Please include the character you wish to audition for. If you’ve auditioned for Don’t Look Down in the past year you will still be considered, but may not be granted an audition. If you have auditioned in the last year please still submit so we know you’re interested.

Audition timeslots will be sent out on March 27th.
Deadline to Book Appointment or Submit Resume: March 26th, 8pm

Audition Preparation Requirements: Prepare the sides provided
Audition Dates and Times: April 8th. 9 AM - 6 PM
Audition Location and Address: The Commons, 587a College St. Toronto, ON.

Performance Dates: August 22-Sept 1 (August 20-21 are full tech days)

Rehearsals: May 30 until August 21. Mondays 1-8pm. Thursdays 1-8pm. (More dates may be added closer to performance.)

Contact Name for More Information: Cedric Martin
Contact E-Mail for More Information:

Additional Information: The Ends of the Earth is a 1992 play by Canadian playwright Morris Panych. It tells the story of two men, Frank and Walker, each of whom is convinced that the other is following him. Despite their best efforts at running away from each other, the two men repeatedly find themselves in the same places. Winner of the Go

Ethno-cultural mandate/casting statement:
Don’t Look Down Theatre Company encourages submissions from professional and emerging applicants of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities. When making casting decisions, the creative team considers many different criteria. We envision a cast that reflects the rich diversity of our performing arts community and of the city of Toronto.

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