Audition, Industry Listing.

Deadline July 5, 2019.

Looking for strong musical theatre performers to fill out the cast for an original musical. This cast would be used for 4-5 table reads (including 1-2 previews in front of industry members) and an original cast recording.

Open to both Non-Union and Union. Paid. All ethnicities welcome.

Please send a self-tape to the email below of one 32 bar comedic musical theatre piece and one 32 bar contrasting piece (either musical theatre or pop). The last day to submit is July 5, 2019.

Callbacks are July 16, 2019 at the Tarragon Theatre.

Please email your submissions to and put in the subject line the character(s) you would like to be considered for.

Synopsis: A musical about a musical. Ensemble follows the cast, parents and owners of the ‘Truly Talented Theatre Company’ as they stage their final production of the year. The cast will take a journey that will change their lives forever. Everything is on the line and there’s no looking back now!

Casting for the following roles:

  • Johnny— (18-25) Resident pretty boy and jock. New to the Theatre company, he struggles with developing feelings for Grace. (Range: F3-B4)
  • Grace—(18-25) Is easily the most talented girl in the company but continues to be overlooked. (Strong belt/mix) (Range: A3-F5)
  • Briar Paulson—(18-25) Daughter of the studio owners, is the lead in every production. But continues to shatter audience eardrums when her belting falls flat. (Range: A3-E5)
  • Julia Paulson— (35-45) One of the owners of the company, is more logical than she is artistic. (Range: C4-E5. Strong soprano)
  • Hank Paulson—(35-45) Julia’s husband, studio owner and father of Briar. (Range: D3-A4)
  • James—(18-25) Handsome and popular, boyfriend of Rylee. The usual male lead in the shows, and Johnny’s best friend. (Range: F3-A4)
  • Rylee—(18-25) Girlfriend of James, worries about their relationship as their senior year comes to an end. (Range: D4-C5)
  • Alex—(30-40) Resident musical director. He struggles with teaching the cast how to sing. (Range: F3-G4)
  • Bella, Olivia, Jessica—(18-25) Briar’s posse and resident mean girls (and comic relief) who create drama backstage. (Range: B3-E5)
  • Trixie, Kimberly, Kathy—(35-50) Mothers of the mean girls, they also feed on the drama and each desires differently for their daughter. (Range: A3-D5)

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