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A stripper's night at work is thrown askew when his boyfriend and little brother appear in the audience, and an unknown woman is waiting for him backstage.

He struggles to resolve his relationships with these people in this dark comedy about the unexpected consequences of infidelity. This casting is for a few fundraising performances at the end of April, with the option to accompany our production to multiple fringe festivals this summer. The actor will receive an equal share of profits from fringe festivals. Rehearsals will be 2-3 nights a week, with more added the weeks leading up to the production. Auditions will be held Saturday, March 26 in Toronto. Video submissions may be accepted from candidates who are not available.

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Adam is the main character's boyfriend. He goes out to a strip club one night and sees his boyfriend onstage. He proceeds to confront him in front of the entire club. Adam is in his 20's and is slightly flamboyant or has some sort of sassy attitude. Very openly casting this character.

Megan is in her early twenties, and is normally very innocent. Except for one night at the bar where she has a little bit too much to drink and sleeps with a gay stripper. And ends up pregnant. A very sweet personality, innocent nature, naive and young at heart.

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