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Damn Yankees
The cast of Damn Yankees is looking for another male actor. Below is the role and description.

Mr. Welch
(Age Range: 40+) (Note: No solo singing but will be assigned ensemble voice section)
Owner of the Washington Senators. He is dedicated to his team and his players and 
defends them to the press and anyone else who presents a threat to the team.

• Everyone auditioning should prepare one song that tells a story and is appropriate to the style and era of Damn Yankees; written in 1954-1955, the musical styles of Damn Yankees include Early Jazz, Big Band singing and hints of Operetta.
• Your song choice must be from the musical theatre repertoire and should reflect the range of the characters you are interested in.
• Your sheet music should be in the correct key and m u s t b e photocopied, double-sided, hole- punched, and placed in a three-ring binder. A pianist will be provided.
• Please do not bring contemporary jazz or pop songs. Karaoke tracks and i-pads are not accepted as accompaniment.
• You ‘may’ be asked to sing a scale to test vocal range

• Everyone auditioning should prepare one, one to two-minute monologue.
• Be prepared that you will be timed, and cut-off if you exceed past the requested time.
• You will be asked to do some re-directs with the text of your monologue. No response to a re-direct is 
wrong; we’re simply playing with direction.
• Please know your text well enough that you can respond to re-directs without holding your monologue 
in your hand.

The Audition will be held sometime between March 6 and March 13th

To book an audition, contact Rhoda Silzer at or call (416) 781-7160 between 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

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