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Show description

Zohra is a realist looking for a real love connection. Summer is a dreamer who hopes her graphic novel will become a success. A revenge fairy wishes to get out of the vengeance game. These characters’ lives cannot be any more different, but they have one thing in common: they are desperate to make some changes. Zohra finds Clancy on a surprisingly effective dating app called “Divine Valentine.” Unbeknownst to her, this app is run by demonic beings from a parallel universe, who lure unsuspecting humans into a bigger, more malicious trap. Zohra is outraged when Clancy gives her the cold shoulder—ghosts her!—and seeks revenge by enlisting the help of a revenge fairy and her friend Summer. Before they know it, Zohra and Summer find themselves in a hell dimension that holds the key to a vast conspiracy against humanity.
The score of this musical features original music written by Alexandra Lean and Ana Trask.

Character Descriptions

  • ZOHRA: Female, late 20s/early30s. Cynical, spunky, outgoing. A hopeless romantic who looks for love in all the wrong places.
  • SUMMER: Female, 20s. Nerdy, dreamer. She may be shy, but she is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in and is always there for her friends.
  • RAVI: Male, indeterminate age. Over the top, melodramatic. We need a very versatile actor who can stay grounded while playing this zany character who pretends to be different people.
  • MOTHER OF ALL REVENGE: Female, indeterminate age. Larger-than-life villain, controlling authoritarian figure, charismatic. Her presence is intimidating and she demands respect.
  • CLANCY: Male, 20s or 30s. Charming, flirtatious, outgoing. While he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, his opportunistic nature helps him get by.
  • HARVARD GRAHAM: Male, 20s or 30s. Intelligent, passionate, socially awkward. He is more comfortable doing scientific experiments than socializing with his peers.

We are looking for a diverse cast who can sing and act; some background in comedy and/or dance is an asset.


Payment: Honorarium

AUDITION DATE: MARCH 24th - Send resumes and head shots to

Posted by: Alexandra Lean Productions

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