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IMP a new play by Curtis Te Brinke

Auditions: July 14th
Callbacks: July 15th
Performance dates: November 2017

Please submit headshot and resume to by July 11th at 1pm.

Six years ago a coven of teenage witches unwittingly unleashed a dark horror of their sleepy town. With the body count piling up and the evidence leading back to them, these retired witches must return home to contend with a murderous demon and the dangerous secrets at the heart of their coven. Imp is a dark fantasy about blood,magic, and the ties that run deeper than either.

All characters in their mid 20’s. No specified race for any character.

Hannah: Founded the coven after discovering pages of magic books on the deep web. Wants to reunite the coven and fix their mistakes.

Tom: The last inducted member of the coven, hates his hometown. Has an unexplained connection to the Summers family.

Alice: Quick witted powerful witch who wants to give up magic for good after covering their tracks.

Agnes: Quiet and bookish. Works at the town library. Powerful witch with an unexplained connection to the wolf in the town forest.

The Imp*: A violent and unpredictable demon from another dimension, played through a mask. Requires nudity in first scene.

Adrian Summers*: Small town high school classmate of the coven, who the Imp was summoned against.

Shaun Summers*: Small town twenty something, Adrian’s brother. Begins to suspect the coven had something to do with Adrian’s death.

*Imp, Adrian and Shaun are all played by the same actor.

Posted by: Filament Incubator and Epigraph Collective

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