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The Theatre Department will be holding auditions for their upcoming production of Inch Of Your Life: Episode 1, by Massimo Pagliaroli.

Inch Of Your Life is a fast-paced, actor- driven comedy that deals with the day to day business of life, love, friends and family as well as the clashing of old-school values and modern sensibilities. It features an ensemble cast of 2 women and 7 men. The show will receive 7 performances with varying curtain times between Wednesday June 29th and Sunday July 10th. Performers will receive an honorarium based on box office revenue.

Auditions will be on Sunday, January 31st, 2016 in downtown Toronto. Please send a current headshot and resume to Casting Director, Carlo Vitelli at to request an audition. Applicants who meet the casting criteria will be contacted for an appointment.

Below is the list of roles to be cast:
EDDIE CATELLI, 32, Italian background, ruggedly handsome, stocky, tough, street smart, old-school values, works at entry level for a local crime boss, juggling work, family relationships and a girlfriend.
SAM CATELLI, 25, youngest of the Catelli brothers, educated, intelligent, recently fired, frustrated, discouraged, trying to distance himself from his family.
NICK CATELLI, 28, the middle brother, bad-boy handsome, disheveled, lazy, scheming, lives off anyone he can, drinks a lot.
GUS LO PRIMO, 32, Eddie’s business partner and best friend since childhood, solid build, tough, savvy, no nonsense, aggressive, has a huge crush on Jill Preston.
JILL PRESTON, 29, pretty, svelte, sexual, affluent background but very street-wise and sharp, budding actress and best friend to Eddie’s long-time girlfriend.
ERIC DAY, 25, high school teacher and one of Sam’s best friends, vegetarian, hypochondriac, slightly neurotic, unsure of himself, fascinated with Eddie and Gus.
LUKE RICHMOND, 25, casting agent and another of Sam’s best friends, gay, stylish, quick-witted, confident and self-assured
VITO NOVELLO, 52, Italian background, intimidating, serious, traditional, boss to Eddi

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