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Listing: Feature Film "Londonland (WT)"

Audition Date: TBD.

Status and Rate:NON-EQUITY, NON-ACTRA. $75 per actor per day. $75 per day for location (see below.)

Film: A father is late for a bedtime story with his daughter. This feature film explores themes such as father/daughter relationships, creativity, searching/longing and closure.

Shoot Details: Two or three full day shoots. Dates have yet to be decided.

Role: Father
Early 30's and older. He's unsure, insecure, and quiet. He doesn't quite strike you as a father as he's somebody who comes off as not being ready or prepared for life. He's unassuming and non-threatening. Very caring father. Open ethnicity.

To submit for this role, please submit your headshots, showreel and resume to Andrew Stewart at

Role: Isabella
She is roughly 10-11 years old (however actress can be a few years older!) Observant. Clever. Her appearance belies the depth of her understanding of the world. The kind of kid that you don't take seriously at first until you start talking with and realise you're speaking with a young adult. Open ethnicity.

If you are submitting on behalf of your daughter, please note that we are open to real father-daughter acting pairs. The actress for "Isabella" need not have much experience as we're looking for a natural fit. Also, if you are open with us shooting the scene in her actual bedroom if the production team feels the space fits the script, please let us know. One last note, Isabella has a fair amount of dialogue in the script.

For the role of Isabella: in the absence of head shots or resumes, please submit a natural photograph and if available, video footage. (Needn’t be footage from an acting role.)

Thank you!

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