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Audition Call - Actors who can move and create

LucidLudic is looking for actors interested in creating new work for a workshop using the Répère method of theatrical creation which uses the connections that actors make with objects and resources to create emotionally grounded narratives and images for thScreen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-12.27.11-PMe stage.

The workshop will consist of 3-4 days of intense devising and creation between July 25th and August 5th 2016 and then a performance on September 7th 2016. Participants need to be available for the days of devising (which will be confirmed after casting) and for dress rehearsals and performance on the afternoons and/or evenings of Sept 6th and Sept 7th. Actors of all ages and ethnicities are encouraged to apply. People with an interest and/or facility for movement-based theatre or dance are especially interesting. This is an opportunity to work in a collective setting with like-minded artists in deep creative research led by Taliesin McEnaney, an experienced director in devised creation.

The area of research will be the contradictions and connections between science and spiritualism, especially as it relates to the brain, memory, neurological dysfunction and precognition. We will be using automatic writings from the early 1980s as a textual resource. Another inspiration is the work of Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield, (kids alive in the 90s might remember him as this guy:

This is the first workshop in view of a full-length show to be produced professionally in the summer of 2017. There will be a $50 stipend paid for the workshop and performance, and the show in 2017 will be on an Indie 2.0 contract (profit-share).

Applicants are encouraged to come prepared to move, and with an object with which they have prepared (or are willing to improvise) a short piece to present. It does not need to relate to the above-mentioned area of research.

The audition date is Saturday July 16th between 1pm – 4pm, at York University Keele Campus.
Please email to reserve your spot or if you have any questions.

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