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Dive Bar Theatre is casting Lighters in the Air, a site specific dramatic musical to be performed at the Monarch Tavern.

A play set in the Toronto music scene, Lighters in the Air follows Leo’s return to his former hangout, The Empty, a dive bar where the mic is always open. The show features original music and special guest performers every night.

Auditions will be held Wednesday, May 16th from 2-9pm at the Ernest Balmer Studio - 9 Trinity St, Studio 315.

Actors are provided a small honorarium in addition to profit-sharing. Rehearsals begin early in June and the show runs from July 4th-15th.

CLAIR - (female, 25-35) Clair is a musician and student. She's sweet yet intriguing. Clair experiences both the joy of new love and the sadness of it ending.
Strong acting and singing required. Guitar playing required.

STACY – (female, 25-35) Bar owner/bartender. She’s sharp and seen it all. Stacy is no pushover but she loves her bar regulars and has a weak spot for her partner, Benji.
Acting and singing role. Guitar-playing not required but potentially an asset. Improv ability an asset. Bartending experience an asset.

BENJI – (male, 25-35) Benji is a musician with a cool, laid-back vibe. He’s never really had a job besides busking, but his likeable nature makes it easy for Benji to coast through life.
Acting, acoustic guitar and singing.

TIFF/BEA – (female, early 20s) TIFF is a server at the bar. Superficial and flirtatious, but a romantic at heart. BEA is pretty much the opposite - sarcastic, artsy, wise beyond her years.
Acting role with very limited singing. Versatility to play two distinct characters required.

CHRIS – (female, 25-35) Chris is an edgy rock singer. Intense and charismatic onstage, off stage Chris is relatively quiet and personable.
Singing role with limited acting. Guitar-playing not required but a potential asset.

JEFF – (male, 20s) Part of a comedic duo, Jeff is odd and often on drugs. He’s the leader of the duo, a self-proclaimed philosopher whose wisdom occasionally even makes sense.
Acting role with limited singing. Improv ability an asset.

STEVE – (male, 20s) Part of a comedic duo with Jeff, Steve is also odd and often on drugs. Steve tends to follow Jeff’s lead. Left on his own, Lord knows what would happen to him.
Acting role with limited singing. Improv ability an asset.

The singing style for this show is pop/rock/indie rather than musical theatre.

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