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Bygone Theatre is holding auditions for Joe Orton's LOOT, which runs from March 8-17, 2017 (11 performances) at the Alumnae Theatre.

The show is non-union, with a $50 honorarium + profit share; it is Dora eligible. Directed by Emily Dix.

SYNOPSIS: Only hours before her intended burial, the late Mrs.McLeavy is removed from her coffin by her son, Hal, and his best pal, Dennis, who have together just robbed a bank and need the coffin to stash the loot. Absurdity abounds in the dark, 1965 farce that examines attitudes surrounding death, police integrity, and the Catholic church.

All characters require the use of a British accent and excellent comedic timing.

HAL - early 20s, British, gay, the son of the recently deceased, full of Catholic guilt

DENNIS - early 20s, British, a sexual deviant & an undertaker

FAY - mid to late 20s, British, a nurse, says she's a devout Catholic, uses her sexuality to manipulate men

MR. MCLEAVY - middle aged, British, a recent widower, old-fashioned, a devout Catholic, concerned about his son

INSPECTOR TRUSCOTT - middle aged, British, the bumbling police detective, not above bribery and violence, embodies every negative stereotype of the police force

MEADOWS - 20s-30s, a police officer (minor role)

To apply for an audition please email director Emily Dix at with the subject line "LOOT AUDITIONS", and attach your headshot and resume.

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