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Calling all bitches, sluts, and otherwise nasty-identifying artists.

Maelstrom Art Collective is presenting an ensemble-driven, co-created political shitstorm in this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival. We will be exploring the legacy of nasty women in history through the lens of third-wave feminist question-asking and general badassery.

We are seeking union and non-union hellraisers eligible for participation in the fringe under CAEA’s Festival Agreement. We will begin regular rehearsals in April with performances running July 5th-16th. This opportunity will be a profit share, with honorarium pending funding. Maelstrom is committed to diversity, and we especially look forward to hearing from nonbinary/trans artists, artists of colour, of all ages.

Roles include (but are not limited to):

The OG nasty woman. Eternal. Infinite. Undefined.
(Black or indigenous woman of any age.)

Well-spoken, over-qualified, loyal wife, secretary of state.
(Woman 40-70 years old.)

Lady Wu
Powerful, cunning, vicious emperor.
(Asian woman of any age.)

Iconic, fashionable, flamboyant, and monstrous.
(woman or nonbinary of any age)

Auditions will be held beginning on the fifth day of the waning crescent after the ides of March and will continue on the first day of the new moon (the 26th and 27th of March, witches). Please e-mail us at with your sexy faces and resumes, preferred pronouns, and a brief note on your personal favourite nasty woman of yore. If you have super rad skills or tricks you think will be especially useful in obliterating the patriarchy on stage, be sure to point them out.

The deadline for submissions is March 24th.

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