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Lorde Inc. is casting a number of roles for a 5-6 minute short film, titled "Natalie’s Diary", after web novel by Keri Halfacre.

Natalie’s Diary centres around Jane Mandarang, a 17-year old girl, who discovers a diary left behind by her neighbour Natalie. This suspense-filled short film starts with Jane’s suicide, an incident that leaves many questions unanswered.

Filipina woman,15 to 18 years old. Tomboy, type-A, high functioning but nervous, inquisitive, doesn’t do well in high stress situations but knows how to calm herself down eventually. Not quite but not loud, mix between an introvert and extrovert. Rate $500/day

Black woman, adult late 20s to mid 30s. Calm, soft-spoken but stern when necessary, knows what to do and is good at her job. Rate $500/day

Afro-latino man, late 20s to mid-30s. Quiet, comes off as mysterious but is a nice guy, takes a back seat and lets Dana take the lead. Strengths are in piecing things together and finding clues that are hiding in plain sight. Rate $500/day

Woman in her mid-40s, tries to be the perfect housewife but does not always succeed, high-strung. Rate $300/day

9-1-1 dispatcher: voice actor
First responders (2-4 roles): any race/gender, adults
Police officers/forensics (2-4 roles): any race/gender, adults Neighbours (8-12 roles): any race/ gender/age

If interested, email the following to
1) Please write PROJECT NATALIE in the subject line followed by your name (ex. PROJECT NATALIE—JOE SHMO)
2) Make sure to include your name, age, recent photos, demo reel, size card, short bio, phone number, and email
3) A 30-second selfie video introducing yourself

Must be available in TORONTO for these KEY DATES: SHOOT DATES: Dec 17 and 18

********Submission Deadline: Thursday, December 14th at 10 AM********

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