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"Though she be little, she be fierce"

We are having a a short play festival in October and are now looking for performers.

To register for an audition please book it by sending an email to
Our auditions will be happening July 27,28,and 29th 2015

Bellow is the character breakdowns for all the shows involved.

If you wish to only audition for specific projects please make that clear in the email as we holding the audition like an "open call" format.

Niagara 1952
Marilyn Monroe- American film icon
Claire - English born (accent required), farm wife, physically similar to Monroe
Buzz- farmer, hefty build
Ticket agent- actor dressed as a ticket agent for Monroe's film (may also be played by Buzz)

Albert Coxsin- 30ish- uptight, sarcastic, mopey, lovable,
Kiki Vanderburg- attractive, ditzy, sweet, confident, posed

Stuck in the Sky
Attendant- 7 months, scatter-brained, daring, new on the job, unpolished
Hannah- widow, creative, charming
Fiona- understanding, patient, spontaneous
Girl- from another country, the actor who plays this part must be fluent in another language other than English or French. (Please write in submission email if you do)

Novel Idea
Clerk- bored of work
Pirate Lady- tough, sultry, confident
The Boss Lady- put together, slightly geeky, think Anna from 50 shades of grey
Femme fatale- right out of 007, dangerous, coy
Edwardian woman- rigid, distrusting, upper crust

Make Love not War
Liza- think Janis Joplin
Candy-bubbly, ideal 1950's house wife
Myra- disowned by her family for marrying someone of other race
Lettie- reserved,widow,spiritual
Peace- voice of the chorus
Men- voice of men/also could be narrator

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