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Auditions for Paradise Comics by Caitie Graham, directed by Darwin Lyons, and presented by FILAMENT INCUBATOR.

Audition Dates: September 6th and 7th
Callback Date: September 10th
Rehearsal Period: October 24th - November 22nd
Performance Dates: November 22nd (Preview); November 23rd - December 4th at 56C Kensington.
Deadline to Submit: Tuesday, August 30
Contact name: Darwin Lyons
Submit via Email, to:

George has flown the coop, leaving thirteen year-old Beans and her mother, Janie, to clean up the mess. In the process of removing his clutter from their home, the pair is charged not only with organizing the storage of an entire comic book collection, but with facing the responsibility they shared and shirked for a man they each knew so differently. Paradise Comics contemplates the trials of adolescence, parenting, and how families grieve. The play has been workshopped through Tarragon Theatre's Young Playwright's Unit (2013), and dramaturged by Paula Wing.

Filament Incubator encourages diverse voices and welcomes submissions of actors of all ethnicities, genders, religions, body sizes, and abilities. Paradise Comics will operate under CAEA’s Artists Collective Policy. The company is auditioning actors for the following roles:

BEANS: (13 - played by an actor in early 20s, George and Janie’s daughter) A sharp, abrupt young girl who refuses feeling. Woefully impatient with the kids in her class, and utterly disappointed by the adults at home, Beans is a socially uninterested and viciously intelligent young woman.

JANIE: (30s - 40s, Beans’ mother, George’s wife) A fiercely committed mother who, while splitting at the seams with grief, remains determined to keep composure for the sake of her daughter.

HANNAH: (13 - played by an actor in early 20s, Beans’ best friend) Goofy, sensitive, and full of half-baked ideas and opinions, Hannah has her own way of looking at the world. A deeply loving friend, Hannah is intent on leading Beans down the magical path of boys, puberty, and sexual discovery.

GEORGE: (Beans’ father and Janie’s husband) A once passionate and persevering man, George is now consumed by the loss of his beloved business, Paradise Comics. Faced with the reality of closing up shop, George is at once despondent with his wife, and dependent on his daughter.

MARVIN: (30s - 40s) A committed and efficient Storage Stadium collector who always gets the job done right.

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