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Friday, July 17th 2020

Type: Comedy - Script Workshop
Status: Non-Union, non-paying
Location: Toronto Fringe 2021, Toronto, Ontario.
Salary: Voluntary
Closing Date: December 2020
Restrictions: Aged 20 to 70
Writer: Michael S. Marshall
Director: Jeffrey Kennes

Paternostrum is a Dark Comedy exploring Class Conflict through the allegory of a maintenance and restoration workshop repairing a Paternoster Elevator for their parent corporation. The play satirizes corporate espionage and job security for the working classes.
Paternostrum was intended to premiere at the 2020 Toronto Fringe Festival, but because the festival has been cancelled due to COVID-19, MOKT theatre Company is looking to run an online workshop of the script. Any actors involved in the workshop will be given preference if they choose to audition for the 2021 production. The production process in January will be payshare.

Please email a recording of yourself performing a 1-2 minute contemporary comedic monologue to

Please submit auditions no later than Friday, July 17th 2020. If considered you will be contacted about a potential callback, in which you will be expected to read sides


  • Female
  • Seasoned Adult (50-65)
  • Lead
  • Hardbitten, decisive, abrasive, opinionated, erratic, and driven. Manager of a maintenance and restoration workshop, motivated to keep the Workshop necessary and open, for her and Izzy’s job security.


  • Male
  • Early Parent/Middle-Aged (30-45)
  • Lead
  • Mild-mannered, soft-spoken, fatherly, practical quiet personal frantic when stressed and happy with lot in life, with no grand aspirations. The only other paid employee of the workshop. Worries about job security and ability to support family.

The Intern

  • Any
  • Young Adult (20-30)
  • LeadSmart-mouthed, quick-Witted, head-Strong, foolhardy, resilient, cynical, and desperate. A corporate spy planted to find inefficients and code violations in the hopes of downsizing the department. They develop a bond with Izzy and Bomme, such that they empathize with the workers.


  • Male or Female
  • Middle Aged Adult
  • Supporting.
  • Cold, calculating, imposing, always busy, ambitious. A link in the corporate chain. Under pressure from head office to cut costs, in part by dissolving the workshop.

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