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A pregnancy. An affair. A marriage counsellor. Facades and ideals falter as the lives of three couples intertwine and they are each forced to examine the underbelly of their relationship in this new drama about love and the pursuit of happiness.

Performance dates: July 1-12

Audition dates: April 27 & 28

Rehearsals will be on a part-time basis throughout May and June

Character Breakdowns

NIKA: 35, she is independent, bright and caring, she is the owner and chef of a bistro struggling to move past a major issue in her marriage.

DAMON: 28, he is ambitious, dedicated and searching for the American dream – unfortunately his pregnant wife is not.

JESSICA: 28, she is inherently adventurous, and a perfect balance of sarcastic and sweet. Pregnant and trapped in a life she’s not cut out for.

STEPHEN: 45, a marriage counsellor, he is the kind of man everyone likes. Smart, confident and dating a 21 year old.

LISE: 21, is a recent university graduate who has never worked a day in her life. She’s flirtatious, outgoing, bold, and bright.

Come prepared with a dramatic, contemporary monologue as well as sides that will be sent to you.
Email submissions with a recent headshot and resume to: by April 26, 2015

*Equity members cast will be engaged under an Equity form of contract

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