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We are a small theatre company, with a performance coming up this month as part of the Rhubarb Festival.

Our show, titled "joan of arc w guns," is a non-narrative performance piece which recontextualizes Joan of Arc's populist fervor into contemporary millenial culture. As part of the show, we are going to have a roughly one-minute long cut of a medieval choral piece, "La Messe de Nostre Dame," and we are looking for singers who are outside of our company to perform it. The performance will be at the Buddies in Bad Times theatre (at Yonge and Alexander), four performances from February 16-19.

The piece is somewhat challenging, but the cut will be very short (1 min-ish). We are looking for four singers with great ears and pitch, either four men (bass, baritone/baritenor, two countertenors), or two men and two women. Our entire show is only 25 minutes long, so the evenings will be very quick! And we will keep rehearsal time to a minimum, depending on how quickly the singers learn, plus perhaps a visitation at one technical rehearsal just to get everybody in lights and work out entrance/exit.

We have a tiny budget for the show, but we are working out with the theatre the likely possibility of a very small stipend (ie, $20, but as much as we can get) for each singer, and/or a free pass to the rest of the festival, TBD based on what they are willing to give us. Obviously, we are very grateful for the help and will do our best to offer something. Performers will receive credit in the program. Unfortunately we can only offer our tiny stipend to four singers, but if more singers than four are interested in performing, all are welcome!!

We're really chill/informal, so if you're interested, we just wanna hear you sing a little. Open to online clips/recordings (preferably classical stuff), or we could arrange a time to hear you sing something, whatever you're comfortable with! Please send any questions, recordings, or interest to and/or Thanks a lot, looking forward to hearing from you!

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