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Pirate Life Crew Aboard the Island Rogue


Contract Dates
Rehearsals: May 1st - 8th
Run: May 8th – June 20th (Weekends)
June 21st – Sept 7th (Full Time)
Sept 12th - Oct 12th (Weekends)
Director/Choreographer: Collective Creative
Deadline to Submit: April 1st, 2016
Email cover letter, resume and head shot to:
Contact Name: Matt Slaman
Engager Website:
Pirate Life Established 2014 is an adventure theatre and creative collective located on Centre Island. The audience boards a 45 foot Pirate ship, Island Rogue, where the cast/crew leads them along a sequence of events, Pirate School, interactive storytelling, Treasure Island, hostile takeover and sunken treasure.
Pirate Life is seeking young, inspired actors to literally join our crew and creative collective to write several scripts/stories for the 1-hour performance. The production and boat cruise should run 3-5 times per day aboard the vessel departing from Centre Island.

Acting Roles: Captain, 1st mate and Villain

All performers will have the opportunity to create their own characters and portray each role. Actors must be comfortable improvising and interacting with both children and adults in an amicable and Piratey way – yes we just made up that word. Capable of maintaining character almost all of time while ‘on stage’ and interacting with the audience. Should be comfortable working outdoors and aboard a boat.

The Captain and 1st Mate lead the adventure, the villain or course, arrives mid show to stir things up – as a collective we’ll write the scripts.

Before the adventure the audience will receive costumes, face paint and pirate names that we will provide – nothing to fancy, moustaches, anchors, scars etc.

Interested applicants should submit cover letter, resume, and headshot by April 1st, 2015. If yer feeling a wee bit piratey, feel free to demonstrate your creativity via pirate speak n’ yer letter an’ a photo or even a 30 second video audition

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