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Deadline to submit: March 18th, 2019.

Seeking 5 actors to play the roles in this new contemporary comedy/ farce taking place in 18th Century Britain.

Primary Roles:
Thomas : The Highwayman. Charming, sentimental and thoughtful with a youthful spirit.
Amy: The Doctor’s Wife. Ambitious, passionate and spontaneous, with a flare for danger.
Gretchen: The Thespian: Cunning, strong and artistic with a hint of separation issues.

Secondary Roles:
Sister Anne: Of the Catholic Church. Devoted, stern and keeping it together under immense pressure.
Bradley: The Bard: A singer, proud and whimsical, with hidden problems with confidence.

It’s a terribly dark and gloomy place. Everyone fears that the plague will kill you, and if it doesn’t that the Highwayman will. Meanwhile, the Highwayman himself visits his plague stricken Mother at the Doctor’s house hoping to find closure, but insteads finds something far more disturbing.

  • 90 minute Fringe Slot
  • Running from July 3rd-July 14th, 2019 in Downtown Toronto.
  • Rehearsals will begin mid-may.
  • The venue and performance times have not been assigned yet.
  • Profit-Share
  • Deadline to submit: March 18th, 2019.

If you are interested in a role, or multiple roles and available please email Co-Producer, Jamie Rose at with your headshot and resume. If you could outline what you know of your availability or other commitments in the months May and June, that’d be fantastic.

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