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We are looking for collaborators who are interested in investigating their relationship to Toronto and its past, who are interested in working across communities and who enjoy the collaborative process of collective creation.

The creation process will begin in early November as a series 4-hour weekly rehearsals in downtown Toronto that will be held on the same day and time each week. Longer periods of rehearsal and development will be scheduled for 2017 leading up its public presentation in July.
This collective is built on artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. As such, we strongly encourage submissions from all artists, especially those who self-identify as culturally diverse. We champion artists who represent the entire spectrum of identities and abilities.

"Post No Bills" will be presented in association with Then They Fight’s "Then Speak" series in July 2017. Successful applicants will be contacted directly for a workshop audition on Sunday 30th October from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. This project sets out to chart two parallel journeys: One is an investigation into the erasure of the Ward – Toronto’s first diverse immigrant neighbourhood – from the city’s public memory. The second is these artists’ collective attempt to understand what it means to be living together on the land we call Toronto.

A recent archaeological excavation of a parking lot near Toronto’s New City Hall, conducted to make way for city’s new state-of-the-art Courthouse of Justice. The site, and the surrounding area, once known as St. John’s Ward, is pulsing with memory: memories of Indigenous lives from pre-colonial days, memories of Toronto's original China Town, of Toronto's earliest Black community, memories of what became Toronto’s first robust immigrant neighbourhood, with families of Irish, Italian, Chinese, African and Russian-Jewish descent living side by side in a time when intermingling was feared. Why was this neighbourhood torn down? Why do we know so little about the Ward or about this land before it was a city? What will we choose to remember or forget?

To be considered please submit the following to
a) Your resume
b) A headshot
c) A brief statement about why you are interested in becoming part of this project
Please share with us whether you have experience in physical theatre and/or collective creation.

Deadline to submit: October 28th 2016.
This production will be a profit-share and artists will receive honorariums.

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