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Date production rehearsal/job starts: Oct. 1st, 2018

Production name: Raise the Stakes
Audition date: First round video auditions due May 24th
Callback: May 27th
Deadline to submit: May 24th, Midnight.
Email applications to:
Contact name: Taylor Lavigne

Raise the Stakes is seeking hilarious/versatile performers for its world premiere production at the Olde Walkerville Theatre in Windsor, ON, this October.

All roles are paid, non-union. Accommodations will be provided for Toronto talent.

Raise the Stakes is a Canadian Musical, written by Taylor Lavigne, music by Mike Karloff. Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been flipped on its head, shook up, made over and released into the night as an outrageous musical comedy! Raise the Stakes is a hilariously R-rated story of blood, sex, and monsters. Fans of horror-comedies, will really sink their teeth into this show!

DRACULA: 25-45, King of the vampires, with a twist. Dracula is a gay, super-being. He is driven by sex, blood, and little else. That is, until he meets Johnathan Harker and it awakens him to feelings of true love. He is confident, classy, sexy, and extremely deadly. For reference: Frank-N-Furter (Rocky Horror). Rock Bari-Tenor with dance ability. Fight skills a plus.

JOHNATHAN: 20-35, Not your typical leading man, Johnathan is timid, weak, shy and unimposing. He has spent his life as doormat, never amounting to anything. However, he stands out in his village because of his kind, gentle nature. This draws Mina’s attention and affections. He is a reluctant hero. British accent. Strong Tenor.

MINA: 20-35, Tough, brassy, and fearsome, Mina is the leading female of the story. She owns and runs the local tavern and has no problem putting drunks twice her size in their place. She is very smart but also lonely. Johnathan is the first decent man she’s met in a long time. British accent. Soprano. Fight skills a plus.

LUCY: 20-35 Lucy begins the show as a sweet, beautiful, ingénue. However, through unforeseen circumstances she becomes a devious seductress capable of manipulating people into doing her bidding. Mezzo-Soprano. Fight skills a plus.

VAN HELSING: 20-40: The anti-hero, Van Helsing seeks to kill Dracula and his vampire army. He strength and skill are legendary. He has killed hundreds of monsters and demons. His strength is only

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