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Lena and Paige have been close friends for years.

Lena has just had a baby and she and Paige are struggling to maintain their connection. The play, set at Lena’s baby shower, exposes how friendships and identities are challenged when a baby comes into the mix. Lena’s friend Michelle, childless at forty, is having trouble imagining a future for herself that does not include being a mother but is coming to realize that it is no longer within reach.

Lena-a warm and easygoing woman in her mid-thirties who has just had her first child
Paige-a self-assured woman in her mid-thirties who has never wanted children-Lena’s best friend from high school
Michelle-an empathetic woman in her early forties who is struggling with the possibility of not having children-Lena’s teaching colleague and close friend
Donna-a grounded woman in her mid-fifties who was unable to have children; is enjoying this phase of her life-Lena’s favorite aunt, well known to Lena’s close friends
Grace-a sensible and thoughtful woman in her late thirties with three young children-new friend of Lena’s
Julia-a friendly, somewhat naïve woman in her early thirties with one child-new friend of Lena’s
Aundrea-a grounded, frank woman in her forties with two children-new friend of Lena’s

*This a non-union project. Actors will receive an honorarium of 5% of the ticket sales.

*There will be 2 rehearsals/week from May to July - more rehearsals closer to performance dates.
Show runs from July 21-23 at the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace.

To audition:
*send in a head shot and resume to Claire Holland at by April 3rd
Auditions will be held on Saturday April 9th and April 16th from 1-5
*successful applicants will be e-mailed sides and an audition date, time and location

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