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Pencilkit Productions is looking to cast creative performers who are interested in devised theatre work for our upcoming Fringe show. We will be reinterpreting the Greek myth of Persephone's abduction to the underworld.

The show will be physical-- Both actors and dancers are encouraged to submit. We welcome performers of all ages and backgrounds.

Please email to submit. Include a headshot and resume. Auditions will be held February 6.

Auditions will be done in groups, so expect to get on your feet and work with others. For the audition you will be expected to prepare the following:
1) a verse or two of a song you like, A Capella.
2) familiarize yourself with the story of Persephone (don't worry about what the “right” version is). Choose one moment and share it with us from the perspective of any character-- in under 2 minutes. This could be a text, musical or movement based interpretation, surprise us!

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