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Searching for actor/actress (early 20s to mid 30s) to play trans-male role in non-union, paid production

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Productions is very pleased to announce the Toronto production of I Am Not A Girl. We had such an incredible time in Vancouver at The Cultch in summer 2018, we’re bringing the show to Toronto! I Am Not A Girl will be performed at The Tarragon Theatre June 5 – 9th, 2019.

The 110-minute play, written by Bill Hubbard and Ren Kennedy, follows the journey of a child, Erica and her mother, Jean and the obstacles they face as Erica realises that she should have been born male and courageous steps they must take, individually and together, to make that so.

ERICA / ERIC – (Early 20s – Mid-30s) We need a very strong actor/actress who is believable as a trans-male spanning from pre-transition through surgery and post-transition, who has both the capacity and the willingness to play both Erica/Eric throughout their personal journey which includes life as a young lesbian, through the self-actualization of declaring himself male and leading the audience through the gruelling and largely misunderstood psychological, physical and emotional obstacles encountered on his path. The 50-page script consists of many meaty monologues, interspersed with shorter dialogue-driven sections, so it is imperative that this actor be completely comfortable with memorizing and performing large amounts of material.

The role pays $2500 CDN which is to be paid out in installments at the time of casting, during rehearsal period and at the conclusion of the final performance. In addition to the performance dates in June there will be a rigorous (minimum two rehearsals per week) rehearsal schedule of approximately two months prior to opening.

The casting will be done through taped auditions at which point the production team will contact people for call-backs. The passage to be prepared can be found here.

*We ask that you tape yourself as a theatre actor so position your camera farther from you, so we can see how you use space and please incorporate your whole body into your performance.

Once you have uploaded your performance onto YouTube, please send a link to the following email address

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