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Set in a not so distant Toronto, this is a dystopian story where the government has separated society by a wall. A brick wall runs down the middle of the city and the wealthy leaders have banished anyone of minority to live on the other side.
A group of soldiers stands on the wealthy side, inspecting news of a group of rebels planning to leap the wall. On the other side, the rebels, a group of variant race, sexuality, gender, and upbringing join together and decide how to approach their illegal crossing.
The audience will only watch the play from one side of the wall, and will only catch half of the story.

Character Breakdowns:

Wealthy Side:

The Leader:
Male, Any Age
A General in charge of the soldiers who is set on maintaining the new way of life

The Minion:
Male, Any Age
His right hand man

The Lover:
Female, Any Age
Her lover is the leader of the rebels. She is here to facilitate their crossing.

The Other Side:

The Leader:
Any Gender, Any Age
Organizer of the revolt. They are the lover of one of the soldiers.

The Poet:
Any Gender, Any Age
An artist who is passionate and angry. Musical ability is an asset.

The Parent:
Any Gender, Any Age
Here with their child, searching for a better life

The Child:
Any Gender, Any Age (18+)
Here with their parent. Headstrong, confident, and angry.

We highly encourage actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds to submit.

Please send a headshot and resume to specifying the role you would like to submit for.

If you are selected for an audition, details with location, date and time will be provided. Auditions will be held in mid-March.

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