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Deadline: Monday April 6, 2020

In this innovative play blending real life and online culture, a young Black woman takes to Twitter to voice her frustration with white women profiting off Black culture and stereotypes. When The Discourse turns on her, the line between internet personas and IRL relationships blurs, and the heightened scrutiny she comes under puts her real-life friendship under strain...
seven methods of killing kylie jenner combines theatre with gifs, memes and emojis to explore stereotypes of Black womanhood, white capitalist exploitation, and the politics of social media activism.

For the Paprika Festival, we will be presenting a 30 minute excerpt of the script.


  • CLEO a.k.a @INCOGNEGRO on Twitter, Black* dark(er)-skinned woman, 21
  • KARA, Black* light(er)-skinned woman, 22
  • VOICES OF THE TWITTERSPHERE (Jasmine Lee-Jones recommends they be voiced and characterised by the two actors playing CLEO and KARA).


  • Accepting self-tapes only.
  • The deadline to send self-tapes are before March 20th.
  • Please email with the subject “Audition_Name” with a resume of your artistic experience and self-tape.


  1. Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue or text-based piece of your choice.
  2. As this piece will include some movement, please show us how you move. You may choose to either do a short movement piece or include movement within your monologue. Completely up to you.
    **You may also choose to do a short excerpt of a song of your choice (a cappella)**

TECH DATE: Thursday May 21st 5pm-7pm at Aki Studio Theatre.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Presented at the Aki Studio Theatre, we are scheduled to perform May 25th from 7:15pm-7:45pm and May 27th 9:05pm-9:35pm.


  • This production is full indie. This opportunity is unpaid.

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