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Short film "Father"; Writer/Director Lella Satie; Producer Alona Metzer

Auditions: Tuesday October 13, 5:30-7:30PM
Shooting dates: Saturday & Sunday October 24, 25
Rate: $200/flat for shoot.

Storyline: "Father" is a short film about a boy growing up in an abusive hosehold. His father is a respected minister at a local church who has become mean and violent towards his own family. After a family conflict the boy runs away. The film follows him as he goes from his daily chores, and bike routes to dealing with his life as an introverted child.

Comments: Award winning crew attached to the film, including cinematographer Stephen Whitehead.

Role: (Lead) JOHN/MINISTER: Male 35-50
John is a minister and a respected community leader. In the public eye he shows his generous and caring nature. Within the closed doors and with his own family he becomes an abusive husband and father who releases his bottled up anger towards his own family. He turns from kind and professional man into an edgy, stern, controlling father/husband.

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