Audition, Industry Listing.

We are currently casting for the Male and Female leads in a show in this year's Hamilton fringe, July 20th - 30th.

This will be a profit share and we are negotiating a small honorarium. Flexible rehearsal schedule.

"Some of us Pretend" follows the ups and downs of a relationship between two 20-somethings as they try to figure out what it means to be an artist in our time.
It is a story of life after loss and a reflection on the fact that sometimes to get over a problem, we must get over ourselves.

Interested applicants should kindly send a headshot and resume to

Character Breakdown:

  • Markus - Well-meaning yet cynical. He builds his self-image around writing even though he struggles to finish anything. When he becomes haunted by the suicide of a stranger, one he believes he could have prevented, writing becomes his only solace from the guilt. His world becomes increasingly small as he is consumed by his work until a chance encounter with Maeve reminds him that there is more to life than death.
  • Maeve - Maeve is optimistic and down to earth. She is never afraid to speak her mind. She paints so that she can understand what she sees. When Markus falls into grief and guilt over a suicide he thinks he could have prevented, she sympathies with him and wants to help. However, she soon realizes that he's not focussed on the fact that somebody has lost their life, but on how it makes /him/ feel. She challenges him to write her story. Please note, the actress portraying Maeve will also play Lily in her last few days before she ended her own life.

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