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Ace Galaksi Space Dick At Large (the race to save destiny), is a staged Audio drama that will be part of the Newmarket Festival of One Act Plays, running the first week of October.

Staged Audio Drama

The backup copy of the Giant Book Of Destiny has been stolen. Space Dick Ace Galaksi, has 24 hours to locate it before Destiny itself is re-written.

As a staged audio drama, a lot of the action of Space Dick At Large will be the live creation of sound effects (where possible) while the actors speak their lines into microphones in front of them. The production will feature a large screen backdrop highlighting locations, illustrations of alien characters and visual cues to underline the dialogue. Essentially it’s like a sound filled graphic novel come to life.

Space Dick features the continuing adventures of ex-CSIS agent, Ace Galaksi, hero of the six episode Sci-Fi satire audio drama, The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi


Males and females needed for a variety of roles, none tied to a specific age. We are open to seeing actors of any age. As a staged audio drama, we are especially interested versatile voice actors.

This is a non-equity, non-paying production

Rehearsals: Light once a week rehearsals through the summer, intensified to two or three times a week in September. Rehearsals will take place in Richmond Hill.

Preparation: Please prepare one comic piece, no longer than three minutes.

Audition dates: Afternoon Sun. June 4, Evening Mon. June 5, Evening Tues. June 6.

Location: TBD in Newmarket

Show date: October 7, 2017


Ace Galaksi (male): No longer welcome on Earth, ex-CSIS agent Ace Galaksi is travelling the galaxy in a shape changing ship named Phoenix.

Editor (female): The Editor-in-chief at the Giant Book of Destiny is a straightforward, all business individual.

Aide (male): Personal assistant to the editor-in-chief, the Aide is the person in every office who actually knows everything that’s going on.

Fran (female): Scatterbrained and excitable, Fact Checker Fran harbours a grudge against the Destiny writers and scary beings in senior management.

Phoenix (female): Originally a garbage scow, now a shape changing ship.

Dee (female or male): A self destruct program that doesn't believe saving existence is in keeping with its personal aspirations.

To set up an audition or for more information please email or call 905 758 8286
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