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Auditions asap!

Rehearsals various evenings & weekends beginning mid-Oct. Performances January 22 - Feb 6/2016

Casting two remaining characters:

Geoffrey – the only male, mid-40s - his wife is dead & adult son lives in another city; works in shipping insurance; tries to avoid being noticed; non-confrontational; his briefcase & suit are rather worn; watches people & notices details; is helpful whenever possible; his tap is limited but competent; surprisingly he plays a short but mean boogie on piano.

Rose - mid-40s; Trinidadian, Christian, in a 20 yr love marriage with 3 kids; grumps about her man; comfortable in her skin; book-keeper; worries prejudice is preventing her son from landing a job and worries how he's becoming disrespectful; unsuccessfully tries to straighten her hair; befriends Sylvia and gives her some money; has little sense of rhythm but loves every minute of tap class.

To request an Audition: Email

Please include your resume, headshot and phone number. Type "Audition" and your name in the subject line. Only candidates selected to audition will be contacted.

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