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Auditions: August 25th and 26th, 2019

Seeking actors for a winter 2019 production of Tales of a City by the Sea: a play written by Samah Sabawi and directed by Rahaf Fasheh at Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto.

Tales of a City by the Sea is based on real-life experiences during the 2008-2009 Israeli bombardment of Gaza. It follows a long-distance love story, an illegal underground journey, a tragic loss of a family, and the unconditional urge to continue to find hope within an open-air prison. By uniting poetry, comedy, and tragedy, the play explores the love between those who have choices, and those who do not. It begs the question of the importance of sustaining one's heritage and identity. The playwright, Samah Sabawi, expresses how this hour-long journey is inspired by “the strength and defiance of ordinary people in Palestine, who despite the horrific war, siege, and brutality of the Israeli Occupation, still insist that life is worth living and love is worth celebrating.”

We are seeking submissions for the following roles:

  • JOMANA, a Palestinian journalist in her late twenties, born and raised in the Shati Refugee Camp in Gaza.
  • RAMI, an American doctor of Palestinian origin in his mid thirties, born and raised in the US who came to Gaza as part of the first Free Gaza flotilla in 2008.
  • LAMA, Jomana’s cousin, a young woman in her early twenties, looking for love and adventure in Gaza.
  • ALI, a man in his late twenties who owns one of Gaza’s notorious tunnels. He is Lamas fiancé.
  • SAMIRA, Rami’s mother, a stylish wealthy Palestinian-American woman in her late fifties, lives in the US.
  • ABU AHMAD, Jomana’s father, a struggling fisherman in his late fifties, lives in Shati Refugee Camp.
  • SINGER, a woman dressed in traditional Palestinian clothes who sings in Arabic throughout the production.
  • UM AHMAD, Jomana’s mother.
  • MOHANAD, Egyptian doctor coming through the tunnels.
  • MOTHER IN HOSPITAL, mother of a child who dies at hospital.
  • FATHER IN HOSPITAL, father of child who dies at hospital.
  • HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICER 1, at US airport. [Any ethnicity]
  • HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICER 2, at US airport. [Any ethnicity]

Palestinian and Arab actors are highly encouraged to apply for all acting roles!

Please send an email expressing your interest to

Actors are asked to prepare a monologue.

Auditions will take place on August 25th and 26th. If those dates pose an issue, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Posted by: Canadian Friends of Sabeel

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