Audition, Industry Listing.

Deadline: August 25th, 2020

Rehearsals: October 2020
Performances: November, December 2020 (1 show per week for 8 weeks)
This is a paid opportunity
Location: Mississauga/online

Crane Creations Theatre Company is holding auditions for its upcoming, inaugural, production of Terror.

About the play:
Terror is a courtroom drama, written by one of the most successful German contemporary writers, Ferdinand von Schirach.
The play questions the idea of a means justifying an end and warns against quantifying human life. The audience serves as a jury at the trial of a fighter jet pilot. He is accused of killing 164 passengers off a commercial airplane, hijacked by terrorists, heading towards a soccer stadium with 70,000 people. The end of the play depends on the verdict of the audience.

Written by Ferdinand von Schirach
Translated to English by David Tushingham
Directed by Andreja Kovac

Casting for 6 roles:

  • Presiding Judge (Age 40-60): A judge who also addresses the audience as an omnipresent narrator on the case.
  • Lars Koch, Defendant (Male, Age 25-35):A fighter pilot who is a Major in the army with an interest in Law/Morality. He is studious and focused in his endeavours, with great pride and strong beliefs in his job.
  • Biegler, Defence Counsel (Male, Age 25-35): A focused lawyer who is representing the defendant. With a distant towards court practices and a sarcastic sense of humour.
  • Nelson, State Prosecutor (Female, Age 25-40): A sharp lawyer who representing the plaintiff. She is observant and dedicated to the facts.
  • Christian Lauterbach, Witness (Age 45-55): A Lieutenant Colonel who was the Duty Controller that day. He is goal oriented, technical and thinks favourably of the defendant.
  • Franziska Meiser, Plaintiff (Female, Age 25-45): A mourning wife, single mother and nurse whose husband died aboard the flight.

Union and Non-Union Audition are welcome. Actors are expected to prepare one contemporary monologue, and to do a cold read from the script. Please Send Audition Applications to by August 25th.

About the company
Crane Creations is not-for-profit professional theatre startup, based in Mississauga. We envision theatre as a global meeting place, with a language of its own, capable of expressing human character and growing empathy that transcends any individual language.

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