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Toronto Auditions

The International Theatre Project

The Archetypal Images of Love Lust Eros & War

Conducted by

R Nieoczym, artistic director LeTHAL Inc.

Date: April 17, 2016

Time: From 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Location: IGAC Studio 103, Artscape Young Place, 180 Shaw Street, Toronto

Contact: Ryszard Nieoczym

Due to a very positive response from the Toronto theatre community we have decided to conduct auditions in Toronto April 17, 2016, in addition to the ones in Montreal and Quebec City.

Please note the following conditions of the audition process.

  1. All candidates must participate in a training program to acquaint themselves with the method of working developed by R Nieoczym, to determine whether we can be compatible. See enclosed a description of the training process entitled Soundings.
  2. All candidates must participate in the complete process which lasts approximately 5 hours.
  3. All candidates must choose one of the monologues enclosed in the attachments and completely memorized.
  4. The project will be based in Bruxelles. The conditions of the project  - the research period, the rehearsals, the performances and touring - will be explained fully at the auditions.
  5. Please confirm participation by April 10, 2016
  1. See below for an overview of the project.

The Archetypal Images of Love Lust Eros & War

  1. The audition is twofold: the 1st  stage - in the various cities where I conduct Soundings   - is to meet with the prospective candidates during the Soundings  process; the 2nd stage is a final selection process to select a group of actors(from the previous audition processes) to meet together, from which we will create an Ensemble that will work together on the project
  2. Every actor must learn completely one of the proscribed texts: see enclosed attachments. To learn the whole text with interpretation is part of the audition process; there can be no substitutions of texts.
  3. The selection of actors will be made in the spring of 2017 to participate in the final audition in Bruxelles


Brief description of the Project to be centered in Bruxelles, Belgium

For the past several years Compagnie Achtli, based in Bruxelles, (Artistic Directors Kathy Contreras & Nicolas Clément) and I have been discussing the possibilities of creating a multi – lingual, multicultural theatre research and performance project which would incorporate participants from Europe, Mexico and Canada.

The project’s working title is The Archetypal Images of Love Lust Eros & War.

To begin this project we propose to open the project up to performers who want to participate through a year–long (2015 / 16)  audition process which we began in Bruxelles in April 2015, and to co-ordinate it with a series of Soundings  in various cities in Europe, Canada and Mexico. From the participants we shall select an Ensemble of 7 to 10 performers in the spring of 2017.

For prospective candidates the organizers shall provide a series of proscribed  texts, from which actors must choose one and learn it completely. We encourage participants- (from the recommended list) to translate the texts into their native language – if they so desire. As the project evolves we will develop a working script.

Additionally, we are looking for more collaborators and organizers who can help to realize this project both artistically and administratively; if you and / or your group would like to join please let us know.

If you are interested to participate in this project as a performer and / or wish to make comments or ask questions please contact the following organizers.

Kathy Contreras   Compagnie Achtli Asbl  Rue de Dublin, 9 1050 Bruxelles Belgique

Ryszard Nieoczym   Actor’s Laboratorium

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