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InDev Productions is looking for the final actor to complete our cast for Abhishek Majumder's "The Djinns of Eidgah".

Interweaving true stories and testimonies with mystical storytelling, the play paints a magical portrait of a generation of radicalized kids, and a beautiful landscape lost to conflict. It is not a war of right and wrong. For cars and jobs. Of books and blankets. It's a war of the living and the dead. Between those who are fighting for tomorrow and those who are laying down their lives for eternity. The play has previously been produced at the Royal Court in London (note - this is a new cast and production team)

Rehearsal Days: Thursdays 6-10 PM, Sundays 10 AM - 4 PM Effective Immediately. The actor will NOT be required on all days though.

Deadline to Submit: Friday, May 15th

Email applications to:

Director: Tanisha Taitt

Contact Name: Kunal Jaggi - Producer

Dr. Baig [31-45] South Asian / Middle Eastern preferred, but open to other ethnicities that are convincing as the character.

Dr. Baig is a psychiatrist at the government hospital in Srinagar, Kashmir. Haunted by the loss of his son who joined a terrorist group, he has made it his life's mission to work with disaffected youth in the region and prevent them from going on the path of radicalization and religious extremism. In a deeply symbolic way, he is the central conscience of the play.

This will be a PAID project - based on a profit share model.

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