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The self funded short is cast for the position of Estella.

A women of French-German descent in her 70’s who has seen and been through a lot - including the murder of her mother and the kidnapping of her son. Unfortunately she didn’t not come out unscathed. Although undiagnosed, she certainly suffers from PTSD. After she loses 1/2 her family her life obsession becomes protecting her last remaining son. No matter what she has to do or for how long this is her mission even though parts of her resents him for it. She functions but it a drastically distorted reality.

The Emancipation of Egbert:
Log Line:
To say Egbert has an overprotective mother would redefine the term understatement. An extreme trauma distorted her reality so severely she couldn’t let Egbert leave the house. Then after a life-time of total codependence, Egbert, now well into middle age is forced to fend for himself and ultimately leave the apartment after being kept isolated inside - for over 40 years.

This will be a one day shoot. There is no pay but you'll get an IMBD credit and a copy of the production. It's a quirky, meaty little role with a death scene.

Contact Julian Wierzbicki at for more information.

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