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The Light is a musical, depicting the Christmas story.

Follow the journey of an ordinary girl, who encounters God in an extraordinary way. Experience what it was like to surrender to God’s plan and watch how this ultimate act of love, in the form of a baby, changed this world forever.

Audition Date: August 20, 2016
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Start Date: September 2016
Compensation: low pay


  • Mary (Female / 18-28 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.) She is a young, naïve girl, who is given the huge responsibility of carrying Jesus. She struggles with whether she is good enough and wrestles with feelings of inadequacy. She is ostracized by her friends and in the beginning by her fiancé because of her outlandish claims (actor/singer)
  • Joseph (Male / 18-28 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.) Joseph is a young man who always does the right thing. At times he is uncertain of himself but hides it appearing as though he has it all together. When he is comforted with the news that the woman he is about to marry is pregnant and she claims it's a gift from God. He struggles between trusting her and succumbing to the attempts by other to discredit her. He is a person who prides himself on doing the right thing and grapples with whether he will stand by his wife to be (actor/singer)
  • Shawran (Female / 25-35 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.) Shawran, the mother of Joseph is a consumed with how her family is viewed by society. She is a busybody who puts her nose in her sons business. She at first likes Mary and family but after overhearing Mary's claims sees her as a threat to her family image and is determined to get rid of her (actor/singer)
  • Anne (Female / 25-35 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.) Mother of Mary.....she is extremely supportive of her daughter however struggles with why her daughter needs to be chosen for such a task. She worries about the future and what is in store for this couple. Very devout believer but struggles with her decisions and the plan of God (actor/singer)
  • Ruth (Female / 18-24 yrs. / Any Ethnicity.) Mary's sister and is the level headed one of the pair...she is constantly calming Mary down and reassuring her that all is well. She is a voice reason (actor/singer)
  • Zecharias: (Male 25-35) He is a priest, very devout but him and his wife have never had a child after praying. Although to everyone else he believes it will happen he struggles with believe God will answer his prayers (lots of physical comedy)
    Elizabeth (Female 25-35)

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