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The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Directed by Joshua Stodart


Rehearsals: July 16 - August 15 2017
Production: August 16 - September 3 2017

We are holding auditions for select roles in Ale House Theatre’s new production of The Tempest starring Peter Wylde in August 2017.

A spirit, maybe sexless. Servant or slave of Prospero. Was rescued by Prospero upon his arrival to the island, claims to lack the capacity for human emotion, and directs the "lesser spirits." A different view of the universe than Prospero yet may still have great admiration for his power?
Young, maybe 14-16. He is as stellar as all 14-16 year old boys are at wooing girls. Heir to and groomed to be the King of Naples. A sense of duty connection to the gods due to the "Divine right of kings.” Believes father has been drowned.
King of Naples, a powerful Italian state. Returning from a trip where he married his daughter to an African Prince. Sense of duty and connection to the gods due to the "Divine right of kings.” Man of fewer words. Has he been an attentive father?
Younger brother of Alonso, King of Naples. May be friends with or like to fit in with Antonio. Technically has status over Antonio. May be slower in the mind but certainly no one has ever told him so.
Frequently cited as having the age and appearance of an old man, but he is full of life and wonder.
Age may prevent him from filtering and may speak his mind more readily. He wants everyone to feel content; he has a kind heart, but he is still a massively successful member of a powerful court.
A drunk butler who finally gets the opportunity to be what he has always known himself to be: A powerful king. Just imagine! The gods finally came through for him. Knows exactly how to be a King because he's watched Alonso do it for years and it's pretty easy, right?

Ethno-cultural mandate: Ale House Theatre is dedicated to reflecting Canada’s rich diversity onstage. Diverse artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, orientation, or personal beliefs are encouraged to apply.

Both CAEA members & non-CAEA members will be considered. Electronic submissions only. Please send a resume and headshot to by April 5 at 11:59pm. No need to include cover letters. Only those selected will be contacted. Auditions will take place mid-April.

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