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Deadline: April 12, 5pm EST

Shadowpath is planning a pilot play festival featuring classical plays by women in May 2021. Programming will be virtual, and offered as outdoor in-real-life performances (COVID depending) with a community partner in York Region.

Roles to be cast:

Exit: An Illusion (1929) by Marita Bonner

Dot - fragile, weathered, ailing, seeking love and a sense of belonging, Biracial.

The play explores the impact of colourism, misogyny and racism on relationships and the search for identity. It is highly recommended that you read the play before auditioning.

We encourage submissions from performers from diverse cultures, abilities, orientations, communities and backgrounds. Given the play’s content, we encourage BIPOC actors to audition to accurately reflect the role of Dot.

The Wedding Day (1794) by Elizabeth Inchbald

Lady Contest - 20’s, a sharp, young whippersnapper who is not afraid to tell it like it is and Sir Adam’s new bride.

The Unplugging (2014) by Yvette Nolan

Bern 50’s - a free spirited woman, optimistic, sarcastic from Winnipeg

Elena 50’s - a wise, resourceful woman who holds some heartache for the family she left behind, from Saskatoon

Seamus 20’s - 30’s - Irish background, playful, charming, has an affair with Bern

About The Plays

Exit: An Illusion (1929) is a short play set in the twenties written by Marita Bonner. Buddy an African-American man, and Dot a half white half African-American woman, are neither related or married, just very good friends for a very long time. Dot wakes up one day and tells Buddy she has a date. The tension between the two rises to a point of no return as Exit Mann appears.

The Wedding Day (1794) is a comedy in 2-acts that features Sir Adam Contest and his young, new bride whom he constantly compares to his much beloved and missed first wife, who was lost at sea. After a falling out with his son, Sir Contest finally agrees to allow him to return and make amends as well as introduce his new love interest.

“The Unplugging has its roots in the north… Inspired by Velma Wallis’ retelling of the Athapaskan story Two Old Women, I dragged the tale into the 21st century to examine what my own traditional knowledge might be, in the event that I was banished from my community.”

-Yvette Nolan

Rehearsals: Approximately 20 hours of virtual rehearsals end of April into May with max two open air performances mid-May.

Pay $400 - $450
Deadline: April 12/5pm

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