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Performance dates: September 16- October 1

By Melissa James Gibson
Directed by Rebecca Ballarin

“ …‘why are you sitting in the almost dark?’ ‘It’s the human condition Jane in case you haven’t noticed’…”
THIS, by Canadian-born playwright Melissa James Gibson, is a raw, unapologetic glimpse into the lives of five friends approaching middle-age and grappling with where they’ve found themselves and what could, or should, come next. Absurd and honest, Gibson’s script sits on the edge between comedic and deeply painful, revealing the grit underneath the surface of her characters and their relationships, and lying bare the imperfections and insecurities that make them (and us) human.

Jane – (f) Caucasian, 38 years old. Widowed one year ago, mother to a nine-year-old daughter, poet and teacher, met Marrell, Tom, and Alan in college; she is struggling with how to grieve, and how to reconcile how she is perceived by her friends and how she sees herself and her actions.

Marrell – (f) African-American, 38 years old. Married to Tom, new mother, jazz singer/songwriter, met Jane, Tom and Alan in college; particular, a Type-A personality, she idealizes Jane’s past marriage and has mixed feelings about her own. *Please note that performers interested in auditioning for this role must be able to sing. Ability to play piano is an asset.*

Tom – (m) Caucasian, early 40s. Married to Marrell, new father, woodworker/craftsman with a “close-but-never-a-cigar business”, worked at the college that Jane, Marrell, and Alan attended; impulsive, laidback, stubborn, he is grasping at straws.

Alan – (m) Caucasian, Jewish, 40. A mnemonist, met Jane, Marrell and Tom in college; astute, blunt, and cynical - the most outwardly self-aware of the friend group, he feels stuck and wants more.

Jean-Pierre – (m) French (France), late 30s, performers of any ethnicity are encouraged to audition. An acquaintance of Marrell’s, a ‘doctor without borders’ who is in America for a brief stint before returning to work in Africa; progressive, worldly, alluring. *Please note that this role will require a French (France) accent.*

Rehearsals will be evenings and weekends beginning in July.
Please note that this is a non-union, non-paying engagement.

AUDITION DATES: June 20, 22 and 23 (2-5pm and 6-9pm)
CALLBACKS: Saturday, June 25 (1-5pm)
Auditions and callbacks will be held at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street (SW corner of Berkeley and Adelaide).

If interested, please send your headshot and resume to by Sunday, June 19.
Please indicate whether you are an Alumnae member. All members will be seen.
Those selected to audition will be contacted.

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