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Theatre of the Beat is casting for our 2017 tour


Production name: This Will Lead to Dancing
Date production rehearsal/job starts: Spring 2017
Deadline to submit: 11/13/2016
Contact name: Leah Harder Wideman
Contact email:
Contact phone: 647.207.8781

At this time, Theatre of the beat is inviting submissions of interest from female actors who wish to be considered for the role of Sam in our 2017 United States tour of This Will Lead to Dancing, a play about wholeness, belonging, and LGBTQ inclusion. Rehearsals and Performances would begin April 2017.

Teenagers Sam and Alex are sick and tired: they're tired of their church's exclusive stance on homosexuality, and sick due to a week-long hunger strike to protest it. But when word finally gets out, it becomes clear that their cause has struck a chord in their small Mennonite community. Crowds begin gathering outside their church, national news crews begin following the story, and Sam is visited by the ghost of Menno Simons, who claims he has been sent to help her. Awaiting their church's decision, Sam and Alex must decide whether sticking up for a community who has been spiritually starved is worth the risk of physically starving themselves.

Sam (18-28 age range): A cheerful Queer youth, passionate and driven, who stages a hunger strike within her church. Experience in movement and singing are assets.

All other roles have been cast.

This submission process is for those who wish to express interest in the role. If you are successful in the submission process, auditions will be held at Danforth Mennonite Church. Applicants will be given sides.

Please email your resume and headshot to
Thank you to all who submit.

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