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AUDITIONS: April 07, 2019

Shadowpath Theatre Productions is coming back to the Toronto Fringe Festival with a brand new installation of Plays in Cafes, directed by Mandy Roveda and written by Chantal Forde.

This BYOV play will use the surroundings of its Regent Park cafe location to examine how perspective can skew the reality of a situation. Who was in the wrong? What really happened? What version of the truth is yours?


  • Couple A - 20-40, female, one half of a couple whose behaviour lands them in trouble. Passionate, sometimes aggressive, will always stand up for herself and those she cares about.
  • Couple B - 20-40, female, the other half of the couple. Sometimes shy but always well spoken, she is the eternal peace keeper. She lets people get away with too much.
  • Witness - 45-70, female, sees something going on and believes she must step in. She always knows best, holds strong beliefs and morals, but doesn’t always listen.
  • Server - 25-50, male, witnesses most of the incident, and the aftermath. Believes him-self to have a good understanding of human behaviour, though also has serious stereotypes perceptions after serving for many years.
  • Owner - 30-60, any gender, must deal with the situation and get to the bottom of it. Confident, objective, prioritizes the well being and reputation of the restaurant. This actor will interact with audience and be comfortable with some improvisation.

*All ethnicities encouraged to apply.

AUDITIONS: April 07, 2019

REHEARSALS: Beginning May 2019

SUBMISSIONS: Please email a headshot and resume to Alene Degian at by April 04, 2019. Please note only selected candidates will be contacted.

This is a paid contract.

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