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Deadline: Thursday February 13th, 2020

Casting Call
Desert Island Theatre Co.
One Act Comedic Play - Space Cadets by Benton Hartley
To be performed at the 2020 Toronto Fringe Festival
CAEA / Non-Union

A normal woman, trying to live the best life she can, receives the offer of a lifetime while investigating a series of mysterious postcards that keep coming in the mail. Her investigation leads her to an unassuming office suite, where along with a receptionist, a custodian, and a quirky man with an obsession for sci-fi, she'll find out what it truly means to be "good".

Space Cadets is Desert Island Theatre Co's sophomore production, after a critically acclaimed production of Kat Sandler's Punch Up at Watermark Theatre and The Guild in Prince Edward Island last fall.

  • KATE: Female, 25-30. An all around nice person. Kate is compassionate, empathetic and is always keen to listen to others and help out wherever she is needed. She has a keen sense of right and wrong and is always driven by her moral compass. She has an innocence about her that could be mistaken for naivety by some.
  • TAMWYN: Female, 25-30. Receptionist. High strung and insecure. Very kind and generous, once she gets out of her own way. Doesn’t trust her instincts and always needs external reassurance that she’s doing a good job.
  • CUSTODIAN: Any Gender, 25-30. Supremely self confident, or appears to be. They hide insecurities behind a gruff, unapproachable exterior early on, and then behind a large vocabulary and self importance later on. A mischievous person who loves stirring the pot, but once the time comes, they’re all business.
  • AARON: Male, 25-30. A quirky oddball loner. Enthusiastic about space travel and science fiction, and is very passionate and idealistic about the future. Definitely talks too much, and knows it, but he can’t stop himself no matter how hard he tries.

Compensation: Profit share model based on festival profits

Audition Dates: Sunday, Feb. 23rd evening.
Rehearsal: March - June 2020 once a week
Performance Dates: Toronto Fringe festival, 7 performances from July 1-12, Venue TBD
Application Deadline: Thursday February 13th, 2020.

Submission Instructions: Please submit your resume and headshot to and specify which role you’d like to audition for in the subject line. Please also send a self tape of a short comedic monologue.

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