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About Aspaklaria:
Aspaklaria Jewish Repertory Theatre was founded 15 years ago in Israel, and following several successful tours in the U.S. and Canada, it is now opening its North American branch here in Toronto.

The theatre will tour throughout North America, bringing Jewish culture into the hearts of communities far and wide.

About the production:
Director: Joseph Fackenheim
Written by: Ayelet Scheinberg and Rabbi Hagay Lober
This production is for the gala opening event of the theatre. The parts cast will be paid, non-union positions.

About "The Odds":
The play deals with couples' relationships, as three very different men arrive at Eric's clinic for an intensive weekend relationship workshop. Secrets will be revealed, tensions will mount, and each of them will discover new things about themselves and the others.

Important dates:
Rehearsals begin on February 1st and run throughout March and the beginning of April.
Dress rehearsal on March 31st, Tech & performance on April 3rd.

Character breakdowns:
1. Eric: Couple's counselor. Early forties. Energetic and self confident. Married with five children. He loves his work and is something of a workaholic, sometimes at the expense of his family, to mounting tensions at home. He has a true, driving passion to help others, but is acutely aware of the rules and restrictions of his profession.
2. John: Mid thirties. Runs a store. He is a pleaser, but he has a temper; he can lose it when strongly provoked. Has a strong sense of justice, is often tormented by it. Married with no children.

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