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Auditioning now for a two-woman FRINGE play. The North American debut of THE TWO OF US written by the award-winning playwright Tena Stivicic and directed by Svjetlana Jaklenec will be on stage from July 6-15 this summer. Venue: Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace.

Open to submissions from union and non-union members.
Friday, June 01 + Saturday, June 02
1266 Queen St. West
Studio #10

LENA – looking for an actress with a strong sense for comedic timing; mid 30s – 40s (turns 40 in
the play). modern, knows how to put herself together to look perfect as if without trying. A
daughter of well off intellectuals, works as a life coach not because she has to but for the social
interactions. Stuck in an emotional maturity of a twenty year old, when her life halted by the
beginning of the Serbo-Croatian war. In denial of her untreated PTSD, by no means daft, she
chooses to put on that act.

VOICE ONLY - EMIL; 60s; a successful novelist, who loves more the fame that brings him, than he
does the act of writing and creating. His love interest/mistress is a woman his daughter’s age. He
is infatuated by her infatuation with him. One true love in his life is his daughter.

VOICE ONLY – SONJA; 60s; a strong matriarch, an artist and a socialite. The appearances are
everything for her, so is the status quo of her family life. When she finds out about her
husband’s affair, she employs her daughter to break it up before it turns into an inconvenient

THE TWO OF US is a dark comedy. After a seemingly chance encounter in a night-club, LENA and
ANJA become inseparable. Aimless survivors of the Serbo-Croatian war, the women bond over
drugs, music and a lifestyle verging on nihilism. As their intimacy becomes more intense, the
dark secret at the heart of their friendship starts to unravel them, challenging traditional
notions of the role of women and the concept of masculinity in a society re-inventing itself out
of the remnants of post-war Croatia.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION, please send your resume and photo, clearly marking the role you wish
to be considered for to:
PREPARATION: Once an audition time is confirmed, we will send you preparation instructions
and the scenes/sides.

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