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A surreal hybrid documentary/narrative film for a Masters Degree Thesis.

Set in the world of academia, the characters in the narrative scenes work towards answer the question of the thesis. Open to casting against gender/type/ethnicity. This is an unpaid opportunity for a student film. Demo reel footage will be provided, as will craft services. Project will shoot over the beginning of December - no character is required for multiple days. Once we receive applications we will be asking actors to self-tape, we will not be holding live auditions. Project will shoot in Toronto and Saint Catharines (Only Prof. Jameson, Tiffy, Student, Profs A &B are planned to shoot in St. Catharines - please indicate if you happen to be from Niagara, otherwise travel will be arranged to transport actors from Toronto to St. Catharines).

Please send headshots/resumes/indicate what role(s) you are interested in to


Professor Samantha Jameson
Younger associate professor (28-40, Female)

Professor A & B (30-50)
Pop culture professors, any gender

Student (18-25)
University student, any gender

Tiffany (30-50)
Professional university TA, written female, could be male

Professor Schultz (50-70)
Experienced professor focused on improving student and faculty productivity in the academy, male

Professor Oslo (30-50)
Eccentric, Italian (preferably), Marxist Sociology Professor, any gender

Professor Cosmo (28-45)
Eccentric, Philosophy Professor, any gender

Professors C & D (30-60)
Two poetry professors, strong oration/speaking skills, any gender

Botanist (50-70)
Older botanist who enjoys the slowness of life, preferably female

Hunter S. Thompson (28-50)
Maybe a lookalike? White male, mostly balding would be ideal. Open to other ethnic/gender interpretations though if the vibe is right.

Martin Niemoller (40-70)
Clean-Shaven, strong speaking voice, German Anti-Nazi Theologian/Pastor. If you can do a good German accent that would fantastic, but not necessary. Male but open to female interpretation.

Friedrich Nietzche (50-80)
A lookalike would be fantastic but open to other things. A mustache would also be ideal. Preferably male, but again open to other things.

Milton Friedman (40-70)
American Economist, any gender

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