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Small but Mighty Productions Presents: Villains- An 80s Cabaret*
(Working title)

Villains Boot Camp a place to reform criminals with superhuman abilities. This group of 'campers' are the most powerful, cunning and mischievous rebels that owners Prudy and Hoggard have seen yet. Can they be changed? Can good conquer bad?

We are currently looking for musical performers with pop/rock voices
Honorarium Pay

SBM is an equal opportunity company. We encourage people of different ethnic backgrounds and gender identities to audition.

Casting Breakdown - 3F 3M 1GN
Prudy (F) : The camp co-owner, she tries to appear sweet and caring but she's overcompensating. Think the head Bella from Pitch Perfect. (Pride, Conniving, manic)
Hoggard (M) : A reformed criminal, he looks hard on the outside but has worked to become a better person, and he’s doing well... minus his one little secret. Think Hagrid from Harry Potter (Greed, Charming, Warm, troubled)
Jezebel (F) : From Sin City. She has the ability to manipulate people's decisions and uses her sexuality to get whatever she wants. Think Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. (Lust, enchanting, bold, confident)
Caine (M) : From New Jersey. He's the stereotypical bro who works out all the time, shows off his muscles, and goes got the club; but has a heart of gold. Think Pauly D from Jersey Shore. (Envy, greasy, strong, passionate)
Lilly (F) : From Vancouver. The delicate flower who protests her innocence. Think Giselle from Enchanted. (innocence, naive, dough eyed)
Slug (M) : Prudy and Hoggard's intern/assistant. He is a loyal companion, very willing to follow order, and almost robotic in his routine. Think Igor from Frankenstein. (Sloth, drained of energy, dull)
Iggy (NB/GN) : From Washington D.C. Iggy is a firestarter and charged by passion. They are caring, emotionally drastic, and political.Think Pussey from Orange is the New Black. (Ignorance, headstrong, caring and unfiltered)

Audition requirements:
We ask you to prepare a 1 minute contemporary monologue.
We also ask you to prepare a song from a list we will provide to you with a karaoke track.
If invited to callbacks, there will be a dance call.

Audition Dates:
Monday August 14th and Tuesday August 15th. Auditions will be held during the day, with approximately 10 minute slots.
Callbacks will be held August 16th during the day.
Exact times TBD

Please email your headshot and resume to

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